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Auxiliary Machinery

  • Wood Powder Miller
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    Wood Powder Miller

    This machines adopting the new domestic technique and production process, the milling machines is composed of coarse crushing device, fine crushing device and fans.
  • Cooling Tower
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    Cooling Tower

    Cooling tower use inside water closed cycle,improve the repeating ultilization factor,effectively reduce cost,at the same time,make the wish adjusting temperature and humidity ,noise ,clean level of environment come ture.Cooling tower...
  • Industrial Water Chiller
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    Industrial Water Chiller

    Industrial water chillers are widely used in industries, including plastic & rubber machinery, electroplating, pharmacy, chemical engineering, ultrasonic cooling and printing. They can precisely control temperature in any process...
  • Air Compressor
  • Pipe Belling Machine
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    Pipe Belling Machine

    Automatic belling machine is PVC Plastic Pipe flaring equipment, can produce drainage, pipe forming a strong air-cooled, not deformed. The whole electrical Mitsubishi PLC, Delta touch screen control, the production process without human...
  • Window Process Machine
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    Window Process Machine

    Window process machine 's movement stand adopts CM no-oil lubricating bearing and liner ball bearing. So it is of high precision,easy operation and convenient maintenance. Its four heads can work iindividually and jointly organic...
  • Crusher Machine
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    Crusher Machine

    Crusher is ideally suitable for primary and secondary crushing. The largest compression resistance of the material to be crushed is 320MPa. The? crusher is widely used in stone mining, metallurgy industry, building material, highway,...
  • Woodworking Cnc Router
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    Woodworking Cnc Router

    Applicable to the production of cabinet doors, solid wood doors, computer desk, furniture and so on, can be used for the engraving,cutting and 3D relief carving of mass MDF in large areas.
  • Wood Powder Drying Machine
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    Wood Powder Drying Machine

    Sawdust drying is mainly for wood processing by-products such as wood chips, wood chips, wood powder, sawdust, hibiscus, broken wood blocks, crushed bark branches, shavings and other biomass fuel drying process.
  • Laminating Machine
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    Laminating Machine

    JBD-FM laminating machine is a kind of deeply-processed equipment for EPE foam sheet. It is to make laminated product with PE film or aluminum oil. The laminated foamed sheet can improve the intensity with the features of damp proofing,...
  • Wood Pattern Embossing Machine
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    Wood Pattern Embossing Machine

    Wood Pattern Embossing Machine is widely used for embossing on the solid wooden skirting lines, decorative strips, and various bamboo shutters, etc.
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