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Mold Operation And Maintenance (一)

Proper process conditions, reasonable formulation, applicable process parameters, skilled operators, and proper operation are key to the invisible maintenance of the mold.


A, the operation method of disassembling and loading the mold:

Remove and install screws and nuts: the clockwise direction is tight, and the counterclockwise is loose (the screw tightening direction of the special mold may change).

The screws, nuts and nuts must be disassembled one by one, and the diagonal direction should be loosened first, and then one by one.

Screws and nuts should first be coated with high-temperature grease (such as: two-fluidized molybdenum oil, etc.) on the screw thread of the screw nut, and then fully screwed into place, one by one, diagonally, depending on the size of the screw, the appropriate force rod will be used. The wrench is locked.

Demolishing: According to the production plan, the person in charge is in charge. Before demoulding, add or not add a little stop material according to the actual situation, try to squeeze the material produced in the barrel out of the die mouth. According to the judgment of production or use, it is necessary to dismantle the mold or disassemble the mold.

Dismantling and dismantling: After disassembling the outer mold body, shunt bracket and mandrel of the complete mold, take out the residual materials, clean the adhesives and miscellaneous materials on each component, and check the mold after it is intact. Rust oil, put together the whole set of molds and put them on the designated mold rack.

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