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Mold Operation And Maintenance (二)

Semi-removal mode: According to the production arrangement and the mold structure, it is judged that only the mold of the mandrel die is changed, and the mold is half-demolition, that is, the die and the pressure plate are removed, and the mandrel rod nut or the mandrel is loosened to connect the teeth. Remove the mandrel and clean the material to the position where the mandrel can be replaced (the material may expand due to heat). The die is installed. Then clean the removed die. If it needs to be repaired, apply anti-rust oil and place it on the specified mold frame.

For hard-to-remove screws and nuts, oil or wax should be applied beforehand, and then disassembled, which saves labor and reduces damage to screws and tools.

Molding: According to the production plan, you need to change the mold. First, find the mold, remember the model and model, find the corresponding mandrel and die, and match the screws, nuts, heating ring, sizing sleeve and sealing plate. Printing equipment and tools. Check the person in charge of the model and check whether the size of the transition sleeve matches the joint of the mold and the core. Check if the heating device inside the mandrel is in good condition, and clean the mold oil and debris. If the rust or damage is left for a long time, it should be repaired or polished, and then the machine and the mold are connected to the flange piece, the mold body, the mold adjustment screw, the die plate, and the mold clamping screw. The gap between the mold and the mandrel, if the profile mold is flattened with a horizontal ruler, screw all the connecting screws and nuts in order to connect the heating wire and the thermocouple feedback wire, and keep in mind that the thermocouple must be inserted in place. And replace the sizing sleeve and the vacuum box sealing plate, or the vacuum and cooling water connecting pipe on the profile shaping die and level with the mold. The traction platen and the cutting fixture and the accessories of the auxiliary equipment of the fixed length device are all properly checked after the correct check (replacement B, in general, during the process of loading and unmolding, the screw or the wrench must be set and the flow is protected. The surface of the road is not damaged.

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