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The Difference Between CPVC And PPR Water Pipe

CPVC water pipe

1. PVC-C water pipe

(1) PVC-C pipes have nominal diameter DN20 ~ DN160, system pressure of 1.0MPa, using adhesive socket interface.  

(2) PVC-C pipes having a good flame retardancy, good thermal insulation properties, low thermal expansion. Good shock resistance. It has excellent aging resistance and UV resistance. Self-extinguishing, fire resistance and other characteristics.

2. PPR water pipe

(1) PP-R pipes nominal diameter: dn20 ~ dn160, system pressure of 1.0MPa, using hot melt connection.

(2) PP-R having a heat pipe, insulation performance, easy installation and is permanent connection. Recyclable material, will not cause environmental pollution, flammable and so on

Corrosion of hot water pipes and the influence of pipes on water quality

(1) In the long-term use of plastic water pipes such as PEX, the inner wall of the water pipe will condense a thick layer of impurities. After stopping the use of water for several hours, the impurities in the inner wall can degrade the water in the water pipe, cause odor, and breed bacteria. Compared with stainless steel tubes and copper tubes, PEx tubes are also more prone to Legionella, and CPVC tubes are less prone to bacteria than PEX tubes.

(2) In the test model set by Dick van der Kooij [2] and others, the pipeline for returning water is made of CPVC pipe. In the test of the 700th day, Legionella was not found on the CPVC pipe. The CPVC) hot and cold water pipe system [5] describes that the bacteria in the CPVC pipe are not easy to be born. The test quantity of Legionella in the experimental water sample is 1/13 of the PEX pipe and 1/17 of the PP-R pipe.

(3) The data show that in non-alloy steel pipelines, dissolved oxygen is the main culprit of electrochemical corrosion under the condition of pH 6-8 and water temperature 1-20 ° C. Excessive dissolved oxygen will promote the growth of bacteria. Especially in plastic organic material pipelines.

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